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BEYOND artists

Our list of contributing artists, scientists and projects

Artists residencies

Jo Hodges and Robbie Coleman

Sarah Sparkes and Ian Thompson

Emerging artist

Lucien Anderson

Culture Lab - Newcastle University

Pete Haughie

Ryan Boyle

Katie Oswell

Liam Slevin

Nicholas Cooke

Kiran Pearce

Ning An

Central Saint Martins

MA Contemporary Photography; Practices and Philosophies

Gabrielle Brooks

James Bryant

Yili Liu

Maria Clara Lorusso

Lara Orawski

Steve Pippet

Anamarija Podrebarac

Federico Pompei

Ana Luiza Pereira Rodrigues

Zelda Montjean-Zen

Beyond the conference

Alan Smith Helen Ratcliffe Introduction

Dr Peter Edwards Dark side of the universe

Martine Michard MAGCP, Caroline Le Méhauté, Rob La Frenais Exoplanet

Rachel Armstrong, Simone Ferracina, Rolf Hughes As above so beyond + Making ground

Chris Welch Beyond the solar system – The chalenges of interstellar travel

Louise K Wilson John Bowers Alan Smith Chthonic

Ben Freeth CV/Gate - Uncontrolled Voltages

Jez Coram The Golden Record and The De-Realisation Effect

Tim Shaw and John Bowers Psychogeosonic Annual Report 2016/2017: First Draft

Rob Blazey Self-made musical instruments

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