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Caroline Le Méhauté

Négociation 89 - The Horizon of Matter

To follow on from our BEYOND Conference at the Miners institute in Newcastle and to celebrate the opening of the North Pennines Observatory at ACA, we presented the work of French artist Caroline le Méhauté in the ACA galley.


Her large-scale sound and visual installation aims to break through the barrier of the unknown to give the audience an experience of the immensity of Space.

This immersive installation invites the viewer to experience Space in an intimate room… The installation produces a paradoxical situation where one feels both claustrophic yet also experiences the sensation of an open space, resulting in a loss of balance.

For several years, the artist’s sculptures have been entitled Negociation. Caroline Le Méhauté engages with both her environment and her materials in a playful way allowig them to conspire to form her mezmerizing installations. The title Negociation 89 -The horizon of Matter testifies to an affiliation with both science, philosophy and abstraction; intersecting these worlds with issues of immensity, imperceptibilty, infinity and emptiness.


Martine Michard

Photograph: Nat Wilkins

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