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Self Funded Residencies

We welcome you to get in touch with your ideas about a residency at ACA.

ACA is open to artists and creative practitioners working in all media including writers, musicians and curators.

Your residency can be designed to fit with your personal practice and can be based on research or production.  We welcome proposals from:

  • Individuals

  • Artists’ groups or companies

  • Students through their university departments or directly as a group

  • Phd. researchers


Situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, ACA offers residency opportunities to completely immerse yourself in a stimulating, expansive and awe-inspiring environment in which to explore new practices and possibilities.

Whether you need to research or produce, or simply time to think, ACA provides a supportive and welcoming environment for artists of all levels. We have a long and fruitful history of working with emerging and established artists, as well as academics and students from foundation level through to PhD.

In your residency, you will have use of ACA’s large shared studio classroom space which has panoramic views of the North Pennines. The space is fully equipped for use as an artist’s studio, sound recording studio, dance/music performance and practice space, workshop space and meeting/conference room.

Over the years, many artists working with us have been inspired by the landscape and history of the area, not just at surface level but especially below ground in the labyrinths of the disused lead mines. We offer introductory talks on the heritage of Allenheads and how ACA have engaged artists to work in this environment. We can facilitate underground expeditions into the disused lead mines on request.

ACA is also home to the North Pennines Observatory and runs introductory astronomy sessions for those wishing to learn more about the night sky.  We are located in a recognised dark skies area and are the only arts venue in the UK with an astronomical observatory.

The flexible self-catering facilities on offer at ACA ensure that you have the space to meet your individual requirements.  Our West Wing houses 4 bedrooms that can accommodate 4 single artists in private rooms, or a group of up to 12 sharing. The wing has a large open-plan living area and two bathrooms. Alternatively, if you are making an individual booking and prefer more privacy, we can offer accommodation in our Studio Flat for one or two guests.

ACA welcomes enquiries for single person or group bookings and we are happy to discuss your preferred residency duration. Residential stays for university groups can be organised independently or directed through your educational institution. Residency content may be designed autonomously by the artist or visiting group or with input from ACA, as required.

We look forward to providing you with a stimulating environment for your creative practice.

Application Forms:

Please note that if your application is successful, individuals will be required to pay a £100 non-returnable deposit and groups will be required to pay £250 non-returnable deposit to secure their place.

Previous Self Funded Residencies

images: Chantal Bron


March 2018

Chantal Bron

Feb 2017

Brigid Black

Phil Jones

December 2016


February 2016

Sam Kinsley

Helen Friel

Jess Ipkendanz

Bennett Hogg and

Sabine Vogel


Aug 2015

Pam Sullivan


July 2015

Mark Thirlwell


May 2015

Sarah Dudman & Jen – ()

December 2014

Katy Unger


December 2014

Marie Jones


July 2014

Luke McCreadie


April 2014

Memisis North

Bridget Kennedy


March 2014

Katarina Norling

Janine Bennett

Mitch Karunaratne

Louise Winter

Aris Maleas

Vincent Descourtieux


February 2014

The Landscape Quartet

Improvisational soundwork:

Bennett Hog

Sabine Vogel

Stefan Östersjö

Matthew Sansom


December 2013

Abandon Hope film company


November 2013

Periskop/Wideyed event ACAshop


October 2013

Ingvild Eldoeen, writer


September 2013

Linda Rodenheber

Anne Brodie,

Artist, bio medical research


April 2013

VANE women's writing








South Korea




London, England 


Newcastle, England

Berlin Germany

Liverpool, England   

NE, England

SE, England




NE, England

Allenheads, England



London, England

NE, England



Newcastle, England

Berlin, Germany


Surrey, England

NE, England

England, NE and

Baltic countries

England Liverpool

Amsterdam, Holland

London, England

NE, England

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