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Mani Kambo - thoughts

Open Door residency

Natural elements, mystery, nature

Mythology, rituals and the mundane

Your body is a shell


Unsure of what my time at Allenheads would bring apart from hopefully a clear night sky and dry weather I delved into this project with 12 other artist from diverse backgrounds from across the country.


Like Atoms in a chain reaction conversations sparked and ideas grew. I found myself questioning the reliability of sight and the colour we see. How constellations from one part of the world look one way, yet from half way round the world are a totally different formation: viewing the same object from the other side.


Exploring the colours of stars and the light pollution that hides and reveals the skies to us. The revealing of sight expanded. Our eyes cannot be magnified unless through mechanical means to extend our sight and in doing so we can reach further into the depths of the dark and see stars appear and formations that are in sight but veiled. We looked to the skies for answers in the past for navigation and time of day.


I will carry on exploring these pin pricks of light in the sky that reveal and hide themselves to us and how sights distortion and peripheral vision at night fades colour to monochrome.


Most recently I have been contemplating myths and rituals place in contemporary society, how traditions are passed on through heritage sites and memories.

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