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Daina Pupkevičiūtė


"Beyond" really reminded me of this great performance in public space event "BBeyond" which is happening in Belfast, organised by some of the greatest performance artists in Europe, so this sparked the initial interest. But really I am looking for an input for my artistic practice and when reading through the call for this laboratory, I thought that this experience might be the right thing for me at this moment, and not only because I keenly read sci-fi. What I seek is to find something that would be beyond what I work with / on, thus an inspirational and transformational experience.

I feel that I am in a sort of difficult moment of my practice - I want to produce works and do not want to produce works. I feel that it is mostly connected to my political views and how I am experiencing the state of overproduction which we find ourselves in in mostly all spheres of human activity. But working on the ephemeral - sound and performance - is a nice midway situation which allows the work to be produced and not to have any physical remnants after it's been performed/presented.

Notes: i saw Saturn and Jupiter and people that look towards the skies more often than under their feet. / they have an upward movement as opposed to the regular human movement - deathwards. / underground has a higher density of darkness then overground. / underground harbours secrets and magick. / forgerons et alchimistes. / mists, graves, sheep, dead rabbits, rabbit skulls, rat skulls, road, mist, hills, horizon, howl, mist, rain, water, plants, poison, water-as-poison, amanita muscaria, psilocybe semilanceata, road, road, road, quiet hill resident, wool, raspberries, thyme, pick some nettle / witchcraft must have been in fashion here / Hexham => hammer of the witch or a hammer for killing witches? / underground is all gnomes and monsters, one's head is the deepest underground of all.

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