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Astronomy Residencies

Explore the dark skies of the North Pennines from our observatory with on-site accommodation and resident astronomer/technical guide.


Create a bespoke Stargazing Dark Sky Stay at the schoolhouse.

Stay in our observatory’s Warm Room (up to 2 people) or our Self Catering Accommodation Wing (for up to 12 people)


Contact us for more details and bookings.

ACA are excited to announce that The North Pennines Observatory is now being run by Allenheads Contemporary Arts.

We will continue with our history of innovative projects by facilitating creative work by local, national and international artists that celebrates astronomy through the arts.


Thanks to support from Arts Council England, ACA has made the observatory and its accommodation premises more Covid resilient and available for dark sky experiences.


The observatory is sited behind The Old Schoolhouse with panoramic views over the village of Allenheads and up into the southern skies. We will be offering bespoke stargazing experiences, workshops, talks from professional astronomers and the opportunity for private hire. For astro-curious visitors to the area wanting a residential dark sky stay you can now book into the Old Schoolhouse or the observatory warm room and have comfortable accommodation close to the observatory.


John Bowers, a Director of ACA says:  “This is an exciting development at a time when we could all use the beauty of the stars to give our imaginations some reprieve from difficulties on Earth!”

New Arts and Astronomy Initiative at ACA

Come and stay at the Old School House for a dark skies astronomical break

To book a dark skies experience with accommodation

Email Helen:

or call +44 796625727

Great article in the December issue of The Northumbrian 2017  

Anthony Toole sees how art and astronomy have been successfully combined with the opening of an observatory in Allenheads.

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