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Robert Good (Cambridge)

Henna Asikainen (Newcastle)

Susan Eyre (London)

Manpreet Kambo (Newcastle)

Tom Beesley (Leeds)

Nicola Ellis (Manchester)

Jim Lloyd (Hexham)

Alexandra Hughes (Newcastle)

Annie Carpenter (Manchester)

Katie Turnbull & Kit Macarthur (London)

Daksha Patel (Manchester)

Phyllida Bluemel (Falmouth)

BEYOND open door

The artists words

Geometric structures, platonic solids and architectural spaces

Notions of deep time

Light emitted billions of years ago


Where scientific knowledge breaks down

Where no useful observing can take place

Waiting for the clouds to pass

Failing to observe


Earth’s native metals

Meteoric metals

Access and aquire… Space Rocks for Sale


Unseen activity of matter

Cosmic particles

Minute visitors from the edges of the atmosphere


Constellations as pinpricks on a 2D sheet – or is it 3D?

Language logic and the world

Layers of mythology, storytelling, understanding, analysis and conjecture


Natural elements, mystery, nature

Mythology, rituals and the mundane

Your body is a shell


A world just beyond our grasp

Sounds of the weather

A bird’s perspective

How the star sees the telescope

Weaving the social, political and poetic

Migration through myth

Location and formation of identities

The Omen


Signs of water, liquid, ice and vapour

Critical molecule for human life

Extra-terrestrial liquid


Habitation modules

Seemingly fictional structures

Suggested function


The mind boggling absurdity of distance

The big questions

How I wonder

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