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Laurynas Skeisgiela

In the context of this workshop (art + astronomy) this pretentious word “BEYOND” comes both naturally and paradoxically. Art and science share the desire for the beyond and in doing so, they face the blurry line between the discovery and the creation. Between the light waves collected by the lens and a projection of the imagination of what is to be seen. Between conceptualism of Bas Jan Ader and romanticism of Elon Musk.

Beyond is constant. Or the "object" is to be seen, or it is already being replaced by the new one. Much more uncertain and thought-provoking is our way to the beyond.

"As speaking for visual perception, it is historically shifting, because anticipatory knowledge of what to be seen is changing. And It is being affected by different factors, techniques of looking." Erika Grigoravičienė

As in a daily life, on our way to the beyond we are lacking the first-hand experience. Media here faces us first. And media itself is a message. By gazing for the unseen, we are unconsciously working with systems of looking and experiencing, presupposed by the medias around us.

So, while reaching the BEYOND, there is a chance to spot something. In my opinion, it would be yourself gazing for it.

"The power of positive obscurity"

In the context of a space observatory, a dense cloud covering the remote village of Allenheads, an unfinished project by James Turrel and Carl Gustav Jung's theory, the word "Beyond" is as pretentious as inspiring. Because it is a constant unknown, its a priori obscurity gives us an opportunity to observe our approach to the Beyond.

"The power of positive obscurity" is a video installation/condition for a "Ganzfeld" experiment - a method for amplifying brain signals to the level of hallucinations based on a sensory deprivation technique. Participants were invited to step into the screen for an individual journey or a collective experience.

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