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Original image from NASA Mars Exploration Rover - Manipulated image - Alan Smith 

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sky double.jpg

April 1 - 4 Astro poets residency with Maya Horton & 2 others


March 30 Film Night Meliere’s Trip to the Moon and Spielburg’s AI


March 29 James Davoll BOUND video instal ACA Gallery. 


March 18 Newcastle uni Fine Art week residency


March 17 Fred Stevenson Astro Talk – Mars – our red neighbour


Feb 26 Newcastle university student visit


Feb 20 - 21 Mike Garry performance and workshop with deaf poet Josephine Dickenson


Feb 17 Astro talk and observatory experience by Fred Stevenson, with North Pennines Observatory members.


Feb 9 Launch event - a wide variety of talks, performances and installations at Culture Lab (Newcastle University)

June 21 - 23 Open weekend showcasing the creative outcomes of Continuum will include work by all continuum artists plus midsummer drone with John Bowers, Tim Shaw, Malcolm Conchie and Alan Smith, plus performance by Henna Askeinen. The exhibitions will run to the end of July.


June 1 Singing the World: The Dawn Chorus, exhibition & performance by Mike Collier, Bennett Hogg and Merrie Snell. Bird Song talk by Geoff Sample at ACA gallery and Schoolhouse.


May 18 Late shows Newcastle Newcastle Fine Art Atrium


May 5 Writing the Future, Writers workshop led by Tracey Warr and Rob La Frenais


May 4 Guide to the Universe, Science Talk by Pete Edwards as part of Hexham Book Festival


May Student placement Durham Uni


April 19 Shaney Barton Exhibition Opening ANOMALOUS MASS (speculations on the Moon). The exhibition runs 5 weeks.

April 15 - 22 NARS research week residency: Robert Good, Annie Carpenter, Nicola Ellis and Susan Eyre with Pippa Goldschmidt (expert astronomer/writer).

Two skies over Allenheads - Alan Smith

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