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CONTINUUM - The Launch

Original image from NASA Mars Exploration Rover - Manipulated image - Alan Smith 

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NAT continuum (2).jpg

Helen Ratcliffe and Alan Smith - Co founders of ACA

Continuum Launch, to celebrate the start of an inspiring season of art, science and speculative fiction. This event took place at Culture Lab, Newcastle University.

The speakers

Minna Långström (Finland)

Pippa Goldschmidt (UK)

Robert Good (UK)

Nahum Mantra (Mexico)

Chris Welch


Performance and A/V installation

Performance by John Bowers and Tim Shaw 

A/V installation James Davoll


Video showreel

Annie Carpenter

Nicola Ellis

Susan Eyre

Alan Smith


The CONTINUUM Launch on February 9th was the prelude to an inspiring season of art, science and speculative fiction taking place at Allenheads, Hexham and Newcastle until July 2019.


ACA has launched its new project CONTINUUM with a wide variety of talks, performances and installations hosted at Culture Lab (Newcastle University). The afternoon included presentations by international artists, writers and scientists and attracted an audience of over 60 artists, scientists, researchers and laypersons interested in space.


Finnish artist Minna Långström shared background information on her most recent film The Other Side of Mars which features Mars Rover driver Vandi Vermar and her multifaceted connection to the red planet.

Robert Good investigated the relationship between art and science in a both witty and enlightening presentation which even involved an external transformation to deepen his thematic insights.

Author and astronomist Pippa Goldschmidt talked about her books The Need for Better Regulation of Outer Space and The Falling Sky which glimpse at life behind science such as boldly mixing fiction and astronomy for the benefit of the reader.

Chris Welch, Professor of Space Engineering at the International Space University in Strasbourg, celebrated science fiction through a rigorous interrogation of existing, future and imaginary propulsion systems.

Mexican performance artist Nahum Mantra attempted to interact with the International Space Station with The Contour of Presence. Whilst technology failed, he involved the audience in a fantastic extraterrestrial experience.

After a lively plenary discussion amongst artists, scientist and further audience the sound performance of John Bowers and Tim Shaw provided listeners with a both auditory and visual journey.


Video installations of James Davoll, Susan Eyre, Annie Carpenter, Nicola Ellis and Alan Smith further expanded the perceptual spectrum and explored human interaction with space.


The diversity of presenting artists and scientists as well as audience members contributed to a gripping prelude rich in inspiring encounters and interdisciplinary knowledge. 

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