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Original image from NASA Mars Exploration Rover - Manipulated image - Alan Smith 

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CONTINUUM Was an interdisciplinary programme that aimed to connect the arts and sciences via the conduit of speculative literature and science fiction.

Working with curator Rob La Frenais, ACA (the UK’s only arts venue with an astronomical observatory) presented an extensive programme of research residencies, exhibitions, public events and workshops which engaged artists, writers, scientists and diverse audiences, as well as visiting groups from educational and arts organisations both nationally and internationally.

An inspiring season of art, science and speculative fiction.

An ambitious programme taking place at ACA Allenheads based at the Southern tip of Northumberland and high on the fell tops under the Northumbrian dark skies. ACA is the only arts venue with an astronomical observatory in the UK and throughout this project will provide research residencies, site-specific artworks, workshops, public events and talks that will combine diverse artists, writers, scientists, and audiences, all joining forces to traverse the continuum as a bridge between art and science and explore the wonder and vastness of the universe from the factual to imaginary. 

This event and the extended programme has been made possible with funding and support from Arts Council England, Northumberland County Council, The Finnish Institute, Hexham Book Festival, Forum Cinema Hexham and the Digital Cultures Research Group at Culture Lab, Newcastle University as well as other supporters and partners.

Two skies over Allenheads - Alan Smith

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