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The Art Of Distraction

A post by Kerry

It’s half past three on a hot, hot Sunday

The last day of May

The first weekend in weeks on end

That we have been granted the freedom to meet with one other household

Today we are visiting friends for tea in their garden

We leave in an hours time

That gives me an hour to do all the things I thought I would do today

But today

Like so many other of my covid19 days

I have done nothing very much

Mainly thinking about what I should do

Punctuated with cups of tea in the sun and Facebook trawling

Facebook seems to be my primary contact point to the outside world.

I can see what ‘friends’ are up to


Facebook presents me with news and petitions to sign during a time when I feel impotent

Today I’ve signed 2:

I am finding it hard to be active during this coronavirus pandemic lockdown time

Caught, off guard, and cast into this liminal space

A time betwixt and between

A time of not knowing quite what to do for the best

As the ground is ever shifting

And the future seems as uncertain now as it did nine weeks ago

Less certain, even

Planning seems futile

So simply being in the day feels like the best way to be

What I call the art of distraction

Although, I am hoping, that I can get a grip on this mental slip

And begin to re-route the art of distraction towards an art of action

Sometime soon

footnote - all amazon purchases have been returned.


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