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THIS TRUST IDEA / Trailer / Andrew Wilson / 2020

THIS TRUST IDEA is a 30minute video by artist Andrew Wilson.

A development of the ideas initially articulated on the Call Centre blog page throughout the Summer, THIS TRUST IDEA a moving image collage which weaves together found footage to present a complex reflection on our notions of trust.

Themes include: coercion, expertise, conspiracy theory, collective action, radical education and participatory democracy.

Trailer: you can now watch the trailer above. Details regarding the sreening of the full 30min video will follow early next year.

Project Credits:

The video is a co-commission between Allenheads Contemporary Arts’ CALL CENTRE residency and The Star and Shadow Cinema MICRO PROJECT COMMISSIONS - both initiated in 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

CALL CENTRE is a collaborative residency which invited regional, national and international artists from contrasting rural and urban areas to reflect and pool their Covid-19 experience. From their ‘outposts’ six satellite artists responded on a variety of divergent themes including home, travel, trust, confinement, fragility, care and motherhood.

Allenheads Contemporary Arts:

MICRO PROJECT COMMISSIONS is an Emergency Fund, supported by Arts Council of England (ACE) which has supported 37 Micro projects to be delivered and completed before the end of the year. The commissions represent the healthy diversity of The Star and Shadow Cinema with projects from all ages, backgrounds and genders.

The Star and Shadow Cinema:


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