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IF WE STOP (11) // Zahra Dallilah & Julie Tomlin

In a series of numbered written dialogues Call Centre correspondents Zahra Dallilah and Julie Tomlin respond to their own prompt: If we stop: Flourishing. Nourishment. Lockdown.


So, when the alarm goes, up you get. The body follows a mind never actively thinking, but always knowing these thoughts. It's a mind that knows the threat of a capitalism not on your side that gets the body out of bed.

Covid-19 is not synonymous with a capitalism on your side. But perhaps it is a capitalism in crisis who is not so threatening after all. Who is fragile and breakable like all good TV bullies. A capitalism who can't survive if you and your friends don't go out for dins.

Poor baby. Tonight, we're staying in.

The first cup of coffee I drank, sat on a bench outside a little shack cafe in St Leonard’s blew me away. I struggled to think what I REALLY missed and realised that it was this. A cup of coffee, a chat with a friend. Maybe some food, somewhere.

Simple pleasures, but lifestyle, Instagram, saving the service industry, eat out to help out, they may turn up any time and spoil the party.

Tomorrow night too and it'll be 90 days of this so better get comfy. Order some home comforts online and catchup with the shows on My List.

Someone is winning here - capitalistically speaking I mean. Even if not forever.

They're threatening to shut down Tik Tok, which had taken over my feed. Now they're saying don't trust it, it's Chinese, and we're allowed to not like the Chinese now. There is a dark side to this too.

‘The virus hit them badly before us so they got the blame. They had some wise words to share too but they got lost in the mail between Italy and Spain. It's okay, white people know better anyway. Are better. Tenets of white supremacy. The Asians can't possibly know more than our big bad government. What was our advice again? Die quietly, and we'll forget to add you to the list...’

On the 10th day I put seeds in soil.

It was good to see you so happy with your plants and see on video what grew from those seeds

Image: Andrew Wilson


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