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COVID CORRESPONDENCES (2) // Katrina Niebergal & Andrew Wilson

In dialogue: Katrina Niebergal & Andrew Wilson respond to the Call Centre prompt via a series of isolated segments from transcribed conversations.


I read your 4th blog entry. I like the writing style, it’s very you.

It has been enjoyable. With the first two entries I wasn’t really feeling it. I wasn’t really enjoying the process. Maybe I was holding too tight or something, it just wasn’t working.

So, with 3 and 4 I tried to prioritise the process, to enjoy it.

Yeah 4 is super loose, a synthesis of you.

There is a lot of good content in there, especially the story about the Astrophysicist who is convinced Covid-19 is an alien which came from space.

I’d forgotten about the videos, from back in October which showed a huge comet flying over northern China. This, he claims, is how Covid-19 arrived from space.

News flash! (Laughs)

He’s an Astrophysicist though? He could be right?

Well, yeah. Who am I to say?

It is interesting to notice however, that the article specifically emphasises his Sri-Lankan descent, despite the fact that he is British.

Yeah, like what does that specific piece of information imply?

It reminds me of the Astronomer from The Little Prince (by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry).

Initially, when the Astronomer, of Turkish descent, is wearing Eastern Robes the scientific community refuse to take him or his work seriously. It’s only after the revolution, when Turkey adopts western clothing, suits, ties and hats, that they begin to take him seriously. Only after he has westernised is he and his work taken seriously.

We were talking about journalism before, the craft and ethics, and how fried they are.

In this case, I assume the journalist already believes Corona Virus is not an alien so the discredit follows that in the details:

“There’s this quack who thinks the Corona Virus is an alien,

but, get this, he is also from Sri Lanka!”

Such arseholes.


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