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Three correspondents

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

The artists in Call Centre have been asked to extend the network and range of experiences covered in the project by inviting three more people to be in correspondence with them for this project. I have invited:

JR Carpenter

JR Carpenter is an artist who has lived in Canada, the UK, and France in recent year. She works with zines, books, maps, web art, and other transient forms. She is currently isolated in a friend’s borrowed house in North Yorkshire. JR will be interacting with my Call Centre posts through lists, journal entries, and other forms of quotidian writing. You can find her Twitter feed here.

Nuno Sacramento

Nuno Sacramento is a curator and writer. He is the director of Peacock Arts in Aberdeen. He divides his time between Scotland and Portugal. He recently started making performance art in a workshop in Catalonia with the esteemed performance artist, Esther Ferrer. I have asked Nuno to interact with my Call Centre posts through documented performance gestures.

Alan Smith

Alan is an artist and the co-curator of Allenheads Contemporary Arts with Helen Ratcliffe. He was born in Wales and has been living in the high village of Allenheads in the Pennines in Northumberland for the last few decades. He is shielding during lockdown. I asked Alan to interact with my Call Centre posts through drawings.


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