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My very first blog post


This is an alien environment for me. I don't follow blogs, can't be arsed, too much navel-gazing for me and, to be harsh, many that I've looked at seem to be promoting a vacuity that the authors believe is somehow inherently interesting because they're validated by followers whose lives must possess a vacuity so much greater that they think someone's idle thoughts on this and that is interesting.

Catch me navel-gazing? Nah, I'm not, that's me pointing my phone at my bellybutton to get a photo of the fluff because… because… well it's there, and what is fluff anyway? Hopefully the resolution of the photo will be high enough that I can zoom into it afterwards and identify the component parts that make up fluff. And, no, no photo to post here because my bellybutton is fluff-free today. So, instead, here's a photo of part of the table on which I'm working, which at least includes something fluffy. Existential? Moi? Moi et seulement moi, vive le monde du blog!


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