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Introducing Suzi Warren

Suzi Warren



Suzi Warren



Twisted Twee

Polite activist


Human Billboard

Suzi’s work falls between the cracks of neatly defined categories

she helps us re-love,

assisting in the resurrection of the once loved but now tatty at

the clothes hospital

Suzi designs

she makes

and sells her array of wears through her on-line shop

her products are provocative


satirical twists

Politian’s faces on underpants

old hag


let go of the handrails

bold letters appliqued to re-vamp clothing




with a generous pinch of humour

to save our planet

and our souls

good god we need saving from ourselves

repackaging anger

into polite activism

an encounter of gentle protest on the streets (and underground and train stations and everyday spaces) of London

a cup of coffee, a bite to eat, a drink in a pub with Bollocks to Black Friday

Our next conversation: How to build in in-convenience to help us appreciate more the value of everyday commodities (the very opposite of improving productivity will lower the cost of a commodity (Apple Dictionary Version 2.2.1 (194.1))

Commodity. Noun.

Item; material; type of produce; product; object; thing; artefact; piece of merchandise; import; export.

Apple Dictionary Version 2.2.1 (194.1)

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