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  • Helmut Lemke

He and I . She and I . We

What you think you would bring to this project.  You can mention your specific interests and examples of people you might want to involve … indication of the artists/people and geographic location of participants would be relevant. What I will bring to this project is: My own person take, as an artist, on this moment in time: this time of lockdown and reduced liberty; this time of fear and anxiety; this time of restricted movement; this time of limited purchasing options; this time of excessive computer and internet usage; this time of make do; this time of getting to know where I live; this time of being in one place for weeks on end with one other human; this time of being isolated in a forest; this time of time; This time of Coronavirus Covid19 What I will bring to this project is: My thoughts my practice as an artist. the context of pandemic and lockdown a lockdown imposed by a government a government that wants us to trust, but has done everything to destroy trust previously (and as it turns out, still does). My thoughts to understand how a pandemic develops and how reduced liberties impact on economics and on the environment and how the recession to be expected fits and potentially benefits capitalist structures; This time of Coronavirus Covid19 He and I are collaborating. So too, she and he. We are both artists He and I share a home She and I are married We have a poodle We are Natural Bee Keepers He and I are different and don’t always agree on things We have our own opinions. Sometimes they are in perfect harmony. Other times, not We have our own individual art practice and ways of creating and making We have a collaborative practice In collaboration our creativity expands My experience of this time (as above) is both the same and yet very different to his. My experience of this time (as above) is both the same and yet very different to hers. Each day we go through the same ritual of: ablutions, breakfast (and discussing what we’ll have for tea), recording birds over breakfast, dog walk, morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea break, afternoon dog walk, an aperitif (new to this coronavirus situation), cook dinner, eat dinner, eat chocolate, watch telly, evening dog walk (just one of us) up to bed, ablutions. Sleep. Dream (a lot). Each day our experience of the above ritual and the space between these punctuations is our own. Sometimes we are on our own, doing our own thing. Sometimes we are together working on one ‘project’ like gardening For the Call Centre, our daily ritual will remain. However, during the breaks, the time sat drinking or the time spent walking, we can, and most likely will, ruminate and share call centre thoughts and reflections. Those thoughts and reflections we will bring to the Call Centre Along with ruminations and reflections of this time with others Performance artist, activist, producer; Nan,Thailand   Designer and (polite) activist; London, UK Performance artist, musician and PT PhD researcher; London UK Performance artist, activist, writer, comedian, and actor; Manchester UK Economist, activist and researcher; Berlin, Germany


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