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Dear Meera Sodha

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Dear Meera Sodha

For Christmas, I bought my husband a copy of your cookbook, East.

At the time I could not have imagined how central to our being your book would become…

Coronavirus lockdown brought my work to a grinding halt

My husband’s too

We are both freelance artists who work with people in public and community spaces

Up until lockdown our lives were extremely busy and our eating habits habitual

Our daily/weekly diet was pretty much predictable – with seasonal variations.

This is why I decided to buy your cookbook: I was hoping we’d spice up our cuisine a little.

Due to the nature of our lives – and working away from home a lot - we didn’t get many opportunities to try out new recipes before lockdown. In fact, we only managed to try one: Malai Kari; which we discovered is a delicious curry sauce that you can throw almost any vegetable at. Malai Kari became our go-to curry from January to March.

But then lockdown locked us down

Together, in one place, with restrictions that brought us time

Here we both were, at home, with extra time on out hands

A gift of time

A gift of time that we could use to pursue pleasures in life that we once only thought about

We began to garden - food

And we’ve rekindled our passion to cook and try out new recipes. East recipes

Like, Aubergine Larb, one of our many favourites

We have perused and picked and prepared and tucked into dish after dish of pure delight

East has provided us with a source of rich enjoyment during the Covid days and weeks, and months, of lockdown

Moreover, how you write about food is a joy to read.

Vibrant, fragrant, down to earth, and mouth watering

We are now excitedly awaiting the time when we can once more invite friends into our home and share food

EAST food

Which we love

Thank you for being with us here during lockdown and bringing a welcomed diversity to our table

Yours, with kindness and thanks


PS. My husband and I met in East Asia in 1995. These flavours are close to our hearts.

And now, in 2020, some twenty five years later, we know how to create them.


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