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Annie Carpenter // Introduction

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

I’m an artist based at Rogue Studios in Manchester and living in the West Yorkshire Pennines. I work as a lecturer at Leeds Arts University, running the fine art pathway of the Art and Design Foundation Course. 

Before lockdown, my life had already been turned upside down by the arrival of my son, Cole, in November. I was enjoying a very leisurely life of going for walks with Cole strapped to my front, meeting new friends for coffee and watching Netflix while he snoozed on my chest. I’ve always enjoyed a slower pace of life. Unlike the more successful people I know, I’m quite content doing very little for much of the time. Subsequently, maternity leave (and lockdown) has, so far, suited me.

My art generally takes the form of sculpture, video and performance. I like to explore some aspect of science, be it black holes, thermodynamics, or planetary orbits. I’m interested in trying, learning and doing things for myself, no matter how amateur. My work is, on the whole, not very baby-friendly – a recent sculpture demonstration involved setting off a fire extinguisher to make dry ice which then had boiling water added to it and was flung around in a homemade orbiting vessel. So, for the Call Centre project, I’ll need to adapt how I work. I plan to consider this enforced blurring of work and life by thinking about the impact of family, past and present, on my work.


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