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Feeling for the order lying behind the appearance. Albert Einstein

There are ways and ways of negotiating a space and it is rare that we move unconditionally. There will always be something that will direct our line of travel; our direction, climb or decent, step rhythm and speed.

In Silent Beat participants will travel the fells in the manner required by a “Driven Grouse Shoot” when organised lines of beaters walk absolutely straight lines across the moorland at a pace determined by the keepers.

For this drive however, participants will not be lifting the birds, in fact there will be an order of silence and consideration to disturb as little as possible. We will be driven by the order of the keepers to keep side by side in line and separated at regular distances in the direction of the shooting butts.


Throughout the day there will be 3 drives after each drive there will be a period of rest and contemplation. These will be held in silence, in fact throughout the day the order of silence will be vigorously upheld.   


Participants will not be permitted to harvest any visual, written or audio documentation during the event; we are the recording devices.


It is for each of us to independently internalise the physical, psychological and visceral reading of the experience, while remaining aware of one and others presence. This collective consideration of what has taken place will provide the source material for a public discussion that will take place when we return to the venue.

On returning to the venue the participants will take part in a (public) conversation/discussion, this will provide an opportunity for them to share their feelings and thoughts from silent beat, members of the public will be welcomed into the conversation.


This will be the 4th event in a series entitled Parameter, a project that originated from thoughts about the significance of experience and how our understanding and interpretation of that experience can take on other forms when others and their personal accounts of the same event are shared or adopted; creating a diverse reality.

Relevant points of interest include paralanguage, consciousness and specific response to place and experience. 

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