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Dr Tracey Warr is a writer working ‘in the vicinity of art’. She has published two award-winning novels and many books, essays and articles on contemporary art. During AASB she will be talking with the resident artists about her future fiction novella, Meanda, written for the Exoplanet Lot exhibition taking place in France this summer and about underground experiences in the old lead mines near Allenheads, and in the Pechmerle caves in France.

Bridget Kennedy has been living in Allenheads, Northumberland since 1995. Over this period of time she has been completely seduced by the scenery that surrounds her. She is interested in how technology and modern day living influences classical perceptions and representations of landscape. She considers technology to be a filter through which we experience our environment and she is intrigued by the way digital information can be broken down into component parts, stored and transferred. She works across drawing, sculpture, photography and moving image; using the materials and fabrication techniques that she feels are suitable for each different situation.

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