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Taavi Suisalu

Even if we had access to 95% of the things which are out of our reach now, would we be able to make sense of it? Would it be “legible” to us? I guess there are a plenitude of things which are visible (sensible) to us without being seen (understood, framed, conceptualised, noticed)?


Grand narratives, be they scientific, religious, mythological or something else, frame the things we perceive in certain ways which make us see some aspects of the possible holistic experience. They shift our focus. Keeping that in mind, creativity can generate multitude of experiences of the same thing which is another way of saying that art generates meaning.


The Project


During the week I facilitated two sound improvisations in two very distinctive spaces which both were open for participation. The aim of these encounters were to open ourselves up for other modes of engagement with our everyday objects and surroundings to explore the unseen. These two very distinctive places, the ballroom (a highly resonant room in an abandoned led mine an hour away from the entrance on foot) and Allenheads Art Gallery were linked together during the final performance by having the audience improvise on top of/in addition/in reaction to the recordings taken in the mine.

95% as far as the eye can see

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