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Ruth Le Gear
95% as far as the eye can see

Exploring the unquantifiable substances and theories through unquantifiable methodologies. I created a video piece called hidden in plain sight, exploring the idea that there is a resonance that is held within the water.  


I gave meltwater's from arctic icebergs to the waters of the mine in Allenheads, as well as creating remedies from waters of the well to give to other bodies of water in the area. The contradiction of a remedy based on water but diluted with itself presents a fascinating subject.


The work is initially made for the water and the land, the results are in documentation of these interventions with the landscape.  The work engages with with the subtle earth energies that ebb and flow through the landscape, creating a relationship with the spirit and place.


Explanation is not the thing itself, the relationship with thought is important in all investigation, to quote  D H Lawrence “Never trust the teller, trust the tale,”

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