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Pete Edwards
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The Universe and Me  March 14

7pm At The Old Schoolhouse

Be prepared to have your mind blown by this stimulating talk by Pete Edwards Director of Science Outreach from Durham university.

Pete will take us on a journey through the universe fathoming the vast distances between us humans and the unknown boundaries of time and space.  How do we know what we know, how has technology changed over the centuries to satisfy humankind’s desire to explore the unknown, and how do the advances of digital technology, artificial intelligence and screen-based observations compare to the real-life experience of getting out there on a dark night to wonder at the night sky?


Expect lots of questions, some answers and lively conversation provoked by this inspirational communicator Pete Edwards who is shortly to retire from his remarkable career in science and education.


This presentation is the first in a series of events in the CONNECT project; bringing together real-life experiences about our relationship to each other and the stuff on and above planet Earth.


Tickets are free but limited and must be booked through Eventbrite.

Supported by the Impact Fund at Newcastle University through the research project CONNECT by Qionglei Yu.

Book tickets here - Free

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