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Luke McCreadie
In Hinterland

A set was built on the playground at ACA School House for the production of Hinterland.


In Hinterland’s story line follows a community, 1000 years from today, where collective negligence, unwittingly perpetrated by generation after generation has caused a perpetual apocalyptic world where civilisation has collapsed. No museums, no schools, no courts, no local councils, no Government, no original artefacts of the past and most importantly, no concept of the past due to its degradation both conceptually and linguistically. In Hinterland is very different from Hollywood versions of apocalypses, which propose a sudden, violent, very visible disaster and the resulting struggle of the last of humanity forced into ever increasing brutality and barbarism to survive. This apocalypse is different, it happens so slowly nobody notices, in increments, at the pace of snail and due to the shear power of collective influence.


This apocalypse does not result in the regression of the human race, in fact nothing much changes, people go about their lives in a state of blissful ignorance as the concept of the past or of others all but disappears. Until the monumental discovery of a full size model Narwhal from the Natural History Museum, Circa 2011, hidden deep underground, found by a rare inquisitive man named Herman.

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