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Futures - David Lisser

Menu for Future barbeque

As part of their Futures programme, the residency focused on the future of rural space, particularly honing in on concerns around food security and inaccessibility. Following a lengthy period of research, in which various foods of the future were developed, this nomadic dwelling for The Midgecatcher's was realised.

It is a live/work space for a post apocalyptic-tribe who travel northern England catching midges and processing them into high protein food sources, such as flour, burgers and cakes. 


Food without the fuss – all your daily needs in one simple meal; a convenient and super nutritious gruel.


Sauté crickets in garlic oil and lemon,


Mealworm with Thai noodles


Midgy burgers.


Bread with naturally occurring yeasts


Foraged mushrooms into a soup.

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