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Lauren Drummond
Hit the ground running

November 2014 a recent graduate residency.


Project 1: November 2014


Lauren explores the forest landscape, its architecture, and its purpose; as viewed from the perspective of a city dweller.


The work searches for an intersection between an existing reality and a fictional space, endeavouring to stand as a backdrop - an unresolved facade onto which a narrative could be projected.

Lauren came to Allenheads with the intention of exploring the plantation forests and disclosing mans thinly veiled management of the local ecosystem. What can appear to an outsider to be something wild or natural is essentially managed/controlled.


What she produced was a response to the apparently acceptable activity of hunting for those who reside in a rural community - ‘Game’.


Projects with ACA:


Whack-a-Rabbit - 2014


Mousetrap - 2015

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