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Futures - Hollington Kyprianou

The Allenheads Findings


‘The future is a very murky place. There are no eyewitness accounts, no first hand evidence’ -W.Warran Wagar


When we started our 'Futures' residency at Allenheads Contemporary Arts we had a straight forward project: to make a documentary discussing ideas of the future, past and present within the local community.

It was during the recording of some of the interviews that we came across a strange story, often varying in details, but time and again different people came up with the same basic tale.


One of our interviewees later showed us a short report from a local paper about the events, and this is where our research changed direction entirely and we found ourselves immersed in an almost unbelievable mystery that remains unsolved and the facts hotly contested.


The facts are these:


On March 21st 2001 the army were mobilised for the first time in Northumberland to assist in the control of the disastrous foot and mouth outbreak.


That evening, deep within the quarantine zone in the village of Allenheads a body of a dead man was found. No-one knew who he was, and he carried very little to identify himself, and what objects he did carry raised more questions than answers.


The cause of death was not directly known and due to the scientific sensitivity of the area at the time,the incident was investigated by numerous police and governmental bodies. Nothing further came to light.


Those are the facts. But are they all the facts?


What if we told you that one of the investigating bodies into the death was the quasi-governmental F.RO.M.U. (Forecasting Observation Research Observation Unit), a group first set up in 1997 by the then new Prime Minister Tony Blair with the remit into looking at possible scientific, political and moral ramifications of the millennial cross over and within whose remit was ‘all things temporal’.


What if we told you that since it’s classification, various parts of the final report have been leaked and seem to back up the most startling claim made about the whole episode.


The astounding claim that the dead body found in Allenheads was that of the worlds first documented time traveller.


There are even those out there who claim to have discovered the name and origin of the Allenheads time traveller, something the authorities never did.


Or did they ?

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