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Jo Hodges & Robbie Coleman

Jo Hodges and Robbie Coleman are public artists based in Scotland with a diverse, context led practice that explores relationships, systems and change.


They research and experiment at the intersection of environment, culture, science and technology and work across art forms creating both temporary and permanent public works. They are interested in some of the questions that exist within discussions across disciplines from biology to artificial intelligence…. who are we, where are we going and who we will be when we get there?

Jo and Robbie were Artists in Residence in the Galloway Forest Dark Skies Park during 2012/13 and leading on from the residency have developed Sanctuary Lab, an annual 24 hour participatory public art event located within the Dark Skies Park.  Artists, scientists, cultural theorists and members of the public come together during the event to explore ideas relating to darkness, technology, culture and the designation of place. Sanctuary Lab commissions artworks for the event which in the past have included sound, performance, digital works and light installations

TETHER - Tenuos Links, Universal Truths & Far Away Things

A sensory experiential walk

Join us on a sensory journey into the dark, exploring the forces at play in unseen and in-between spaces.

TETHER is a participatory, experiential walk exploring our relationship to darkness, place, space and each other. We will be spending time indoors as well as outdoors. Please dress for the weather and wear sensible shoes as we will be walking over uneven ground. Est 45 mins (walking section 20 mins)

THRESHOLDS (Proximity, Distance and Loss)

Video installation. Running time 9’ 24” (looped)

A speculative collision of two ideas separated by three years.

Sound: ‘Lost Cosmonaut’. Developed as an experimental public FM radio broadcast in 2013. In June 1962, two Italian amateur radio enthusiasts picked up what they claimed to be the last broadcasts of a crippled Russian spacecraft orbiting the Earth and abandoned by the State.

Vision: Black and white imagery of abandoned

Northumbrian village (Middlehope). 16th June 2016. The

village, deemed too remote to be supplied with modern services and lacking adequate vehicle access, was finally abandoned to the elements in the early 60s.

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