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Gabriele Dini

Dynamic patterns - an investigation above sea level


1985 born in Tuscany, Italy.

2009 - BA - Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara.

2010 - Royal Academy of Art Den Haag.

2014 - MA Royal College of Art&Design.

October 2014 he was selected by curators Helen Ratcliffe and Alan Smith for the inaugural Soho open house visual arts festival ‘Fluorescent’.

December 2014 was artist in residence at Allenheads Contemporary Arts as part of ACA’s recent graduate opportunity.


During his time at ACA he worked intensely with Alan Smith visiting the underground labyrinth of a disused lead mine, working with a local dry stone waller and a digital imaging expert.  

In Allenheads the dry-stone walls both above and below ground captivated Gabriele. Stone has been used for building homes, industrial constructions and territorial boundaries. Over time these walls bend and collapse, revealing characteristics of flexibility and fragility. The collective behaviour of the stones reveals the fluidity and mutability of their form, from their original functional patterns in the landscape.


For the second part of Gabriele’s project Gabriele intends working with a local stone-waller to learn construction methods and eventually design and build a stone wall as an artwork.


Throughout his work Gabriele looks at the collective behaviour of natural and artificial decentralised phenomena known as 'Swarm Intelligence'. In nature creatures of all species walk, fly or swim in groups.


Since the 1950s, computer scientists have studied these complex mass movements, which appear simultaneously chaotic and harmonious and by simulating these displays of aggregate intelligence as computer visualisation, they are able to present an overview of the complexity of animal behaviour.


At an individual level these mathematical models of are now being applied to humans; to improve our understanding of the workings of the brain and on a social level explore the behaviour of communities

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