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Elizabeth McTernan

95% as far as the eye can see

Since 2003, Elizabeth McTernan has been pursuing overland exploration in North America, Europe, Russia, and Central & Southeast Asia, processing it via actions, installation, drawing, lithography, sound, and storytelling. What she takes from the encounters along the way, she examines through her own lens with the hope that the final result of all that research ends in the simplicity and richness of, let's say, a Johnny Cash song. Using geological and astronomical events as ‘found footage’ of the world, she frames a space that is both literal and literary. Her artistic prerogative is to provide a narrative structure for the reconsideration of perception, to set the curved horizon of landscape into tension with the square horizons of screens, speakers, documents, and images. She doesn't actually considers her work as performance, but rather non-vicarious action: something that has to be done to confirm the absurdity of being – something that has to be done to confirm that it's not the end of the explorers. Elizabeth is currently based in Berlin.

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