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Chantal Bron

When you have become quite wild


Bron’s work is inspired by nature and fiction and linked to her lifelong biological interest. Fascinated by interdisciplinary explorers and outdoor researchers like Charles Darwin, she dwells on the magic of other life forms, exploring different beings and creating new ones through drawings, paintings and etchings.


When you have become quite wild shows works inspired by the artist’s expeditions through woods, hills and valleys where she watches wildlife and collects wondrous objects. By assembling her finds she creates small dioramas and shrines which point out the fragility and intensity of our relationship with the natural world.

Bron’s works awaken childlike moments of awe and wonder. Immersed in nature we are freed from human identity and become one with our fellow creatures, connecting us in life and death.


The title of the exhibition is inspired by a quote from the linguist, ethnologist and novelist Jaime de Angulo, “When you have become quite wild, then perhaps one of the wild things will come to take a look at you, and one of them may take a fancy to you, not because you are suffering and cold, but simply because he happens to like your looks. When this happens, the wandering is over, and the Indian becomes a Shaman.”

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The residency

My work method: While walking and drawing I intuitively allow a pen and paintbrush to wander on paper. This tested a daily routine of structured walks and phases of drawing, reading and writing.
The plan was to get into the unknown, explore and be open to random responses through my adventures into the unknown. When drawing I try to overcome alleged reality and strive to create an independent form that feels familiar.
It was interesting to see how local shapes and forms started to play an important part in my drawing and sketches and inspiring to learn about local habits and reflect on different kinds of wilderness, nature, culture, life and death.
Beautifully located ACA proved to be ideal for daily walks and wandering. It is the perfect spot to roam, explore and work. ACA afforded the perfect opportunity to get away from the accustomed routine and focus on my work completely.

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