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Anne Vibek Mou
Draw a Line Follow It

Anne Vibeke Mou makes drawings and engravings on windows and objects. She often uses the method of stippling by hand with a solitaire diamond, trapping light in glass to hold an image. Her work explores how materials may effect a momentary suspension in the dialectics of change and entropy and fix, for a time, process and narrative. The work unfolds slowly by inviting interaction between material and chance over time.

Anne Vibeke Mou (b. 1978, Denmark) studied at Glasgow School of Art and Royal College of Art, London and lives and works in Newcastle upon Tyne. She has exhibited nationally and internationally including residencies at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Upernavik Museum in North West Greenland, and National Glass Centre in Sunderland. A privately commissioned window for St Johns Church, Healey in Northumberland won the Art and Christianity Award 2011. Anne Vibeke was co-curator, exhibitor and editor of Chance Finds Us, 2014, an exhibition and companion publication of works by eight artists from the North East for Middlebrough Institute of Modern Art, mima. This project also saw her collaborate with cavers to obtain traces of cave walls from hidden landscapes underground, material which has formed the basis for engravings and a work for National Glass Centre in 2017. Since 2012 her engraved objects have been exhibited in venues such as Contemporary Art Society, London and Kunstraumlangenlois in Austria. Diamond Window, a window for Shandy Hall, was commissioned in 2016 by the Laurence Sterne Trust and Arts & Heritage. Anne Vibeke marbled 16 windowpanes in the former home of Laurence Sterne, as a tribute to the element of chance expressed in his Marbled Page in The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman.

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