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Drawing the Moon    March21
At ACA Observatory 7pm

The moon, a celestial body that has captivated the minds of poets, artists, and musicians throughout history, continues to hold an air of mystery. Its allure stems from its ever-changing nature, as it gracefully transitions through its phases, casting its ethereal glow upon our memories. Not only has it inspired our curiosity to explore the unknown, but it also holds the potential to serve as a stepping stone for our future journey to Mars.

Drawings - Galileo Galilei

Drawings - A level physics students

Imagine yourself transported back to the year 1609, alongside the renowned Italian Astronomer Galileo Galilei. Together, you will embark on an evening of observing and drawing the moon, guided by artist and ACA director, Alan Smith.


In those times, Galileo's rudimentary telescope provided the most detailed imagery of the moon that anyone had ever seen, comparable to the power of modern-day binoculars.

Just as Galileo depicted the moon as he saw it, you too will have the opportunity to capture its beauty using the naked eye, binoculars, and a range of telescopes provided. While pens, pencils, and paper will be available, feel free to bring your own preferred materials to explore different techniques in creating your moon images.

If weather permits, we will have the pleasure of working outdoors, so please dress warmly. However, in the event of inclement weather, we have prepared an indoor alternative to ensure an enjoyable experience.

If you have them, you may also bring a red torch and your own binoculars or telescope - but this is not essential.

​Access to the ACA Observatory is via a steep access road and there is limited space for parking – please park considerately in the village and walk up, or call to reserve a parking space. Warm drinks provided.

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