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From our rural base we provoke questions, encourage discussion and stimulate positive advances in art practice.



Bennett Hog, Sabine Vogel and Bill Aitchison arrive at ACA this weekend to commence, ‘As Above So Below’ a programme of residencies and events that will continue through 2015 and 2016.

The programme marks ACA’s 20th year and will bring together an exciting mix of artists and a diverse range of experts to explore man’s relationship with planet earth as a voyager/explorer of the place above us, across the surface and below.

The project is inspired by the human conditions of curiosity, interrogation, ambition and invention; the stuff that makes us H. sapiens.

ACA’s partnership with the Allen Valley’s Landscape Partnership will bring an exciting new dimension to the programme; a community observatory will be built at ACA later in 2015.

Watch out for forthcoming announcements and opportunities regarding this exciting project.

Funded by Arts Council England