Chantal Bron

During my residency at ACA I focused on wandering while walking and drawing.


According to my work method – the intuitionally wandering pen and paintbrush on paper – I tested a daily routine with structuring walks between creative work phases which included drawing, reading and writing.


The plan was to get into the unknown, explore and be open to randomness since art should always be an adventure into the unknown. When drawing I try to overcome human shape and alleged reality and strive to create an independent form that still feels familiar.


It was interesting to see how local shapes and forms started to play an important part in my drawing and sketches. It was furthermore inspiring to learn about local habits and to reflect on different stages of wilderness, nature, culture, life and death.


Beautifully located ACA proved to be ideal for daily walks and wandering. It is the perfect spot for roaming, exploring and working efficiently. ACA afforded the perfect opportunity to get away from the accustomed routine and focus on my work completely.