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Book: 'Capital and Land: Landownership by Capital in Great Britain', by Doreen Massey & Alejandro Catalano.1978

Book: ‘Cave: Nature and Culture’ (2015)

by Ralph Crane & Lisa Fletcher 

Book: ‘De Re Metallica’ Georgius Agricola

Book: ‘The Hidden Landscape’ A Journey into the Geological Past by Richard Fortey

Book: ‘Incoming’ Ted Nield

Book: ‘Underlands’ Ted Nield

Book: ‘Jupiter’s Travels Ted Simon

Book: ‘Last and first Men’ Olaf Stapledon

Conversation: The future of artificial intelligence - Jeffrey Hawkins

Film: 'Powers of Ten' by Charles and Ray Eames

Film: Stephen Hawking's- Science of the Future-Virtual World

NG: Down to the earths core

Film: In search of Time and Space Travel

Site: Big Data

TED Robert Ballard: The astonishing hidden world of the deep ocean

Text: From: Architecture /Mouvement/ Continuité October, 1984; (“Des Espace Autres,” March 1967 Translated from the French by Jay Miskowiec)

TED There might just be life on Mars

Film: ‘Into Eternity’’ Michael Madsen

Film: Nostalgia for the light’ Patricio Guzmán

Film: Werner Herzog Cave of Forgotten Dreams (Chauvet Caves)

Film: Werner Herzog ‘The White Diamond’ (flying a hot air balloon above the rain-forest canopy) Werner Herzog

BBC: Space Odyssey to Europa

Sound: Deep Listening Pauline Oliver’s recorded in a deep cistern.

TED Pauline Oliver at talking about the experience of playing and what came out of it.

A whole institute and philosophy called Deep Listening.

NASA: Micro spacecraft to pave the way for future space exploration

Nissan: Driverless cars

Conversation: Werner Herzog on Wrestlemania and Anna Nicole Smith

TED Astro Teller: The unexpected benefit of celebrating failure

The Guadian Cumbria rejects underground nuclear storage dump

BBC Horizon - The Core

Book: The Child of the Cavern

Film: The Descent

Film: Plan 9 From Outer Space (full movie)

Film: Journey to the Center of the Earth

Film: Le Voyage Dans la Lun (A Trip to the Moon) by Georges Méliès

Full documentary The Human Brain

The Infrastructure Bill contains a clause which will allow ALL public land to be privatised.

BBC Mary Beard's Ultimate Rome

SITE: Making the Geologic Now

Online catalogue: Manifesta 9 (further to coal mining theme) might be good to explore:

Article: Space will be the next frontier for cyberattackers

TED Raffaello D'Andrea: Meet the dazzling flying machines of the future

TED Jill Heinerth: The mysterious world of underwater caves

TED Hunting for dinosaurs showed me our place in the universe

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